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día de San Valentín

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red handle on caboose, originally uploaded by House Of Sims.

Valentines day. I care about it less every year.

About four years back, the week before valentines day, I want to say 3 and 2 days before it respectively, a long time friend and I had a major falling out of a douchbag of an ex and my grandfather passed away. Between being what I thought of an utterly betrayed someone I'd been friends with since childhood and losing someone close to me I couldn't give a shit about the holiday. Seeing my grandmother is such pain was the worst; he had proposed to her on valentines day.

I've gained perspective on the broken friendship and do not grieve my grandfather so much now. But ever since then I just can't get worked up about a bunch of pink paper hearts in store windows. I like chocolate and roses, I even like pink, red, and white. Yes, it's commercial, it sends a lot of fucked up messages about love and it makes a lot of singles uncomfortable. That all sucks, but that's true about our culture in general.

Now, when February 14 rolls around I'm pretty thankful for how good my life really is. Frankly I think I pay more attention then I do on thanksgiving; I always hear someone talking about how they hate the holiday, and I remember that I used to, and why I don't anymore. I'm thankful for friends and family and health and plumbing. I'm thankful for all the first world conveniences I take for granted, and for the little things, like new tennis shoes and chocolates at 75% off next week.

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