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Clockwork · and · Candy

So that's why people don't garden at night

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Over the last two evenings I have ripped all the grass and most of the elm trees out of the... I don't really want to call it flower bed, as it came with the house and was only a vaguely defined shape filled with mystery bulbs and weeds and what are probably begonias. Anyway, I ripped out most of the offending grass(some of it was too tough for me, which I'm sure I'll regret later) hacked the elm trees and through on some bags of top soil and garden soil(whatever that is) then turned over and raked it about a bit. I doubt it will do much to improve the condition of the soil, since what's really needed is a lot of compost, some manure and a backhoe, but at least it's something. 

Today I covered the area with mulch and planted flowers. in pots. Because, well I have a lot of pots, and I understand pots. Twelve dollars worth of 6 pack petunas looked sort of sad when compared to the 18' by 3' bed of probably certain death(and begonias.)  So I made some nice containers and planted some lemon balm and rose moss around the side of the house in the hopes it would at least fill in the empty dirt over there, if not deter the elm trees( Why is it elms can grow where nothing else can?) By the time I finished planting the lemon balm it was 9pm, pitch black,  I'd hit my self in the face with the shovel, and the neighbors were probably contemplating calling the cops because the creepy neighbor woman might be burying a body. 

But hey, at least we probably wont get another housing violation letter.

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