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A Bohemian Tragedy

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Lots of craziness in my life, but the only important thing is this:
I must get my hair cut and dyed ASAP.

I have decided that getting my hair done and buying new lingerie will cure all ills, and so it shall be.

* * *

Stella has some serious teeth.

* * *
Thanks to my dogs:
I now own 50% novelty crotchless underwear
I have no excuse not to through out those shabby yellow chairs, what with the lack of
stuffing and chewed wood.
I clean my carpet All The Time
I get to go shoe shopping regularly
I get to spend hours outside JUST enjoying the fresh air.
I am always warned of suspicious activities, like the mailman and that guy who rides his bike it work.
I get to wakeup to the joyful sensations of puppies wrestling on the bed.
I get to shop for exciting new leather goods.

…And I’m happier than I’d ever be without them.

* * *
Because Beija the Scientist was not annoying enough we decided to adopt another dog. All this while waiting for Louis the wonder dog to ramble into our possession.
Our current duo of black dogs Is Beija, a 20lb super mutt, and Stella, a 26lb pitbull puppy. If we ever get Lou(his family is having to move to a rental, probably pet free) it will be lab-mut pit-mut and mutt-mutt in varying shades of black.
After trying several times to incite Stella to wrestle or play tug of war my father pronounced her broken. He does not seem confident in her ability to eat babies or sheer steel with her jaws.
Which, frankly, is ok with me. Maybe it's because she's hit her head on the glass coffee table about 14 times. I heard it happen again AS I TYPED THAT.
My dogs are brilliant.

Pictures to follow.

* * *
Someone recently commented that with my engagement and impending house purchase it seems like I'm "on fast-forward to middle age."

This completely suprised me. I never really thought of marriage or home ownership as "middle aged." Maybe less common for younger people but, somehow equating being middle aged (borin?, entrenched? sedentary?) with being in a stable committed relationship and owning a home I can decorate anyway I want, and use the space however I choose. Well, my jaw dropped. It seems obvious, but I hadn't thought of it that way at all. To me these things mean, in many MANY ways more freedom. Having the support, security, safety, and sanity to pursue the things that really inspire me is middle aged?

*shrugs* I guess I've just never cared much for partying and avoiding commitments, which seems the norm for many of my peers.Sometimes I think about moving to another city, or country, but I'm really very happy hear and... it's just a house. Addmittedly a big and serious commitment, but nothing that can't be rented or sold.

What do you think? Am I jumping he gun on fanny packs and disney sweaters?
* * *
* * *
After one unsuccessful attempt at buying a house(they refused the offer and took it off the market!) we found an even better house a few streets over. We got the house, the price was upped a little, but they're also paying our last two months rent so we can close next month!
It's a nice bungalow with three bedrooms, one bath, a breakfast nook in the kitchen, and the whole place has been updated, new kitchen and bathroom(with refinished clawfoot tub!!!{you can tell that's what sold me on the house}), new windows and HVAC system, new front porch. I'm excited!

Since the 3rd I've had a geology class for four hours a day, plus homework. And the past two days have mostly involved me blowing my nose and being too sick to make it to work. I don't know how I dragged my ass in to class today. I'm pretty sure I bombed the test, at least I made it, and I think everyone else bombed also, so the curved grade should be ok. *fingers crossed*

The only two people I like in my geo class are Emily, the hippy waitress and JR the middle aged man who wears nothing but Hawaiian shirts and has only one arm. Still, better than some classes I've had, and the teacher's pretty much awesome.

Jesse recently got promoted, which means that while money is tight right now, in a few weeks everything should be, if not perfect, then manageable.

After class today I went to the bookstore with Emily. I ran into Kerry at the cafe and made awkward small talk. Later she gave me her phone number, in such an awkward way Emily was like "WTF, who was that girl?"
I texted Kerry so she'd have my number. While I feel no real desire to "mend bridges" I've been bitter and angry long enough. I don't feel I was wrong to be angry, but looking back we were both pretty silly and socially inept about the whole thing.

So, all in all my life is good, if stressful at times. Mostly it revolves around my fiance and my dog.
I know, I'm sooo interesting.

Jesse on  a typical evening


the wee hours
The Postal Service - National Anthem
* * *
There are ups and downs, but I'm too happy with the ups right now to bother with anything else.

Here's life in a nutshell.

(yes, that IS an engagement ring)

* * *
My life in brief.
  • Social Drama in the gallery and the home makes me want to beat people up. Nothing awful, though everyone seems to think of me as a "stone cold bitch" now.
  • Jesse and I got pre-approved for a home loan, so we'll start looking for a place in earnest next week. In the meantime I have HOME 80 assistance applications to fill out.
  • Shh, don't tell anyone, but I think Jesse's going to propose soon. And, honestly, I'll say yes. I've never been so happy with anyone in my life. He completely changed my ideas on what a relationship can, and should be.
  • *touch wood* The landlord should be letting us mow the lawn for a cut on rent and... LET ME HAVE A DOG! provided I put down a pet deposit.
I was going to donate plasma, but it turns out that unlike at the redcross the fact that I have regular STD testing and got my tattoos in a clean, sterile, and licensed environment doesn't matter. I have DIRTY BLOOD. I love being judged for my safe and responsible life choices. At least I'm not gay, I'd probably beat someone.

As far as the dog goes I'll be adopting an adult from the shelter of a rescue group. I want a dog who is small and laid back. I have my eye on these two.

I think a French Bulldog or a Boston Terrier would be perfect, depending on personality.

* * *
I finished the last of my finals today. I should get an A in the class, since I got my research paper back(the one I completed in under a day) and I got a 30/30! There was much rejoicing. assuming I didn't bomb the final I have a A in the bag.
I'm pretty sure I passed English, though perhaps with a C.
Spanish however.... I'm taking a again regardless of grade. but I probably failed. oh well.
For better or for worse I've made it through the semester.
Things at home are going well, except for the two unemployed roommates. I have started my garden, and all the pants are doing well, Even the columbine which got de-potted and turned upside down during a storm seems to be coming back. yay.
* * *
I have a 10 page research paper due tomorrow. Ispent yesterday looking for studies which don't seemto exsist. So I choose an easier topic, get my book list andheadfor the library. Accordingto the website sunday hours are 10-7
Turns out they're 1-10. So I havean hour to kill. Might as well work on an outline, but that's heard with no actual facts or studies.

I know I should have been finishdg weeks ago, but things are tough between illness, school, and work. I'm so annoyed, I feel like I'm on an endless fetch quest which I must complete before I can ever start this monset.


pardon me while I go find a puppy to kick.

* * *
* * *

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