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Clockwork · and · Candy

OW! That was my bank account!

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in the past week I have
- Stopped taking my new meds because they made me violently ill.
- Spent 8 hours listening to horrible pop music while getting my hair done(did a hair show and photo shoot for a friend). The music sucked, the haircut on the other hand, is AWESOME.
- Spent RIDICULOUS amounts of money. And not on anything cool, no on a new mattress and bedding. And I couldn't be more excited! I've never owned a nice mattress before, I can't wait till they deliver it next week.*
-Made meal plans and did shopping for at least 2 weeks, probably closer to 3 if you included left overs.

Probably a lot of other things too, but those were the highlights. I will post pictures of the haircut when I either get around to taking some or get copies from the shoot, whichever comes first. I will also probably log in to gloat about how awesome my net mattress is. Which, considering what we're sleeping on now, does not seem like much of a sin to me.

What have you guys been up to so far in 2010?

* apparently no one wants/owns/buys full sized beds anymore. The mattress had to be special ordered and frames are impossible to find at a decent price. Apparently floor space and cuddling are over rated. who knew?
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