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Clockwork and Candy

A Bohemian Tragedy

Miss Cordelia Rose
4 March 1988

Pride cometh before a fall

abney park, all things exotic, anachronism, androgyny, anti-douchebaggery, anti-pajamafication, art, atheism, beauty, big buckly boots, body modification, bones, change, clockwork, comedy, corsets, creating, croquet, custom clothes, dancing, dandyism, darwinism, death hawks, decadence, diy, dreams, dressing up, edward gorey, emotion, ennui, expectations, exquisite corpses, failing, fashion, fetish, fiction, firefly, folklore, fx makeup, good tattoos, goth gardening, gothic literature, hats, heels, high tea, honesty, honor, humor, ink, knowledge, learning, leather, literature, long gloves, love, makeup, making lists, masks, masquerades, mohawked men, mollusks, monsters, moonlight, morbid humor, music, mythology, necromance, neil gaiman, neo-victoriana, neo-victorianism, nick cave, open hearts, open minds, opera, opium dens, parasols, passion, photography, plot, poetry, pointy boots, post-apocalypse, post-apocalyptic shopping, prose, rain, reading, reading bad novels, revolution, romanticism, roses, science fiction, secondhand clothes, secrets, self-sufficiency, sewing, shiney things, singing, skeletons, spectacles, spirituality, spit curls, steampunk, stompy boots, storms, style, surrealism, tattooed ladies, tattoos, taxidermy, tea, teashops, the cure, the dresden dolls, the perk, theatre, themed outfits, thinking, thrift shops, thrifting, trip hop, unconventional beauty, vanity, victorian literature, victoriana, vintage fashion, vintage pornography, waterhouse, weird stuff in jars, wind, winter, words, writing